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Education Training Modules

HVAC Economizers 101 Principles and Operations for Efficiency

  1. Economizer Fundamentals
  2. Economizer Control Methods
  3. Why Economizers Fail and Increase Energy Use
  4. Economizers on Packaged Roof Top Units
  5. Typical Economizer Controls of Rooftop Units that Utilize Honeywell Controls
  6. Manufacturer Specific RTU Economizer Controls
  7. Central Air Handling Units Economizers and Controls
  8. Dampers: Types, Actuators, & Characteristics
  9. Determining the TRUE % of OSA Air Using Charts and Formulas
  10. General Maintenance, Testing, and Troubleshooting of Packaged RTUs and Central AHU Economizers

Automatic and DDC Control Fundamentals and Energy Conservation for HVAC Equipment

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K-12 Education

The Washington State Attorney General Office (AGO) funded Battelle's Pacific Northwest Division (Battelle) to investigate ways to increase energy efficiency awareness in the K-12 student community. Based on guidance from teachers and school district curriculum developers, Battelle developed energy efficiency lessons plans that support the Washington State Science Learning Standards and the Washington State Integrated Environmental and Sustainability Education Learning Standards.

During the 2010 summer break, two teachers, Brian Smith, Richland High, (Richland, Washington) and Lisa Love, Wendell High School, (Wendell, Idaho), working under Battelle's Pacific Northwest Division/DOE Academies Creating Teacher Scientists (ACTS) program assisted Battelle's in developing the lesson plans for grades Kindergarten through eight (K-8). Battelle is now working to deliver the lesson plans to a wide range of teachers to promote energy efficiency and to obtain additional feedback.

Battelle trained teachers in a three-hour workshop titled "Save Energy-Everyday-Everywhere for Grades 3-5" on November 18, 2010, as one of the Content Series provided by the partnership between Leadership and Assistance for Science Education Reform (LASER), Educational Service District (ESD) 123, and Battelle's Pacific Northwest Division Science & Engineering Education program. The training files used in the workshop were posted on the group communication Wiggio website created by LASER/ESD123 for teachers to communicate with each other and Battelle's energy scientists/engineers. Those files are also available for download by the following links:

Grades 2-3:

  • PowerPoint 2-slides/page (PDF 728KB)
  • PowerPoint slides with the notes displayed (PDF 720KB)
  • Energy Ant Activity Book (PDF 13,080KB)
  • Battelle's suggested answers to the activities in the Energy Ant Book (PDF 2,016KB)
  • Battelle's teacher-feedback form (Word 49KB)
  • Save Energy Light-Bulb coloring carton (JPG 29KB)
  • Equipment Purchase List (Excel 194KB)

Grades 4-5:

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