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ARRA Building Retuning

Frequently Asked Questions on Re-tuning

How can I use the re-tuning process for my buildings?

First, start by studying the training materials posted on this web site. If you have questions, submit them to us by email. We will try to answer these questions and will post answers to those we expect to be useful to other users, so please also check this FAQ page before submitting a new question to us. If the number of questions becomes unwieldy, we will have to find another approach. We will update this answer, if or when that becomes necessary.

Are training courses available on re-tuning?

All courses in the current project have been completed. There are no currently scheduled courses or plans for training. However, online interactive training has been developed for both large and small commercial buildings. In addition, a large building classroom training session was recorded.

How do I find out how to re-tune systems different than those specifically covered in your training materials and by your spreadsheet tools?

If you questions on a specific system, we can provide suggestions to you. In the long run, we plan to develop procedures and analysis capabilities for additional systems, subject to our success in acquiring resources for development.

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