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2018 discusses growing Seattle's building tune-up and energy-efficiency workforce, using in part PNNL's Asset Score tool. 11.6.18 

Redstone Rocket reports on how Garrison is pushing efforts to reduce utility bills, including working with PNNL on building controls retuning that, within five buildings, will reap an annual cost savings of $221,000 alone. 10.31.18 provides an article about addressing the maintenance and engineering knowledge gap for younger workers, and points to PNNL's Building Retuning training that helps identify opportunities for improvements to existing buildings. 8.8.18 


In a story on advancing building energy efficiency, Sustainable Brands published an essay citing a PNNL study that found commercial buildings could cut their energy use by an average of 29 percent by using advanced controls. 09.04.17

Eniday reported on a PNNL study that found inefficient management of commercial buildings is wasting a huge amount of energy. 08.11.17

Greenwire quoted PNNL’s Srinivas Katipamula in a story about a PNNL report that estimated U.S. commercial buildings could cut their energy use by an average of 29 percent if they fully implemented building controls. 07.19.17 blogged about Sensor Suitcase, a building energy efficiency tool jointly developed by PNNL and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 07.13.17

The ASHRAE Journal Newsletter reported on a PNNL study that found commercial buildings could cut their energy use by an average of 29 percent if they fully used their controls. No link available; Subscription required. 07.11.17

Daily Commercial News reported on the Sensor Suitcase, a PNNL/LBNL tool to improve energy efficiency in small commercial buildings. 06.16.17


In a story about building automation systems, Faculty Executive cited a PNNL report that found nearly all buildings could reduce energy use five to 30 percent with simple changes to their system. 07.21.16

ACHR News reported that PNNL is helping NorthWrite advance its building energy efficiency algorithms as part of a new DOE Small Business Voucher project. 03.24.16

MIT Technology Review quoted PNNL’s Srinivas Katipamula and cited his recent study that found daytime radiative cooling could reduce medium-sized buildings’ energy consumption by 30 to 50 percent. 03.10.16

Green Building & Design highlighted PNNL’s building energy efficiency research in a 10-page feature story. The story included information on LED technology, grid modernization and smart buildings. 01.03.16


A DOE news release on building energy efficiency efforts named the Better Buildings Solution Center, a website PNNL developed for EERE, as a new online energy efficiency resource. 05.28.15

Energy Central, Intelligent Utility & EnergyBiz’s Bruce Baccei cited PNNL research that found variable-speed controls added on to rooftop heating & cooling units could reduce a commercial buildings’ heating & cooling energy use by an average of 57 percent. 02.04.15

The Portland Press Herald of Maine published a guest editorial advocating for energy efficiency in school buildings that cited a 2013 PNNL report that noted advanced building controls can reduce an average large office building's energy use by 18 percent. 01.27.15

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