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Research Highlights

September 2016

ACEEE Served for Building Efficiency

Summer Study draws visionaries focused on reducing climate impact of buildings

ACEEE Served for Building Efficiency
PNNL’s Bing Liu and Srinivas Katipamula. Liu co-led Panel 5—on codes and standards—and was announced as the co-chair for the 2018 Summer Study. Katipamula co-led Panel 3—on commercial buildings.

The ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings continues to draw a diverse group of professionals from around the world—including a large contingent of PNNL researchers—to discuss building energy use and actions to reduce climate impacts. The Summer Study, held biennially, "enables sharing of ideas and dialog among leading thinkers, visionaries, and luminaries in the field."

This year, that field included more than 30 researchers from PNNL, representing their research on behalf of DOE’s Building Technologies Office.

Key roles at the Summer Study included participation on five panels, two of which were co-led by PNNL:

During the conference, ACEEE announced that Liu will serve as the conference co-chair for the 2018 Summer Study—the 20th biennial ACEEE conference on Energy Efficiency in Buildings—to be held at the Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, Calif.

“Chairing the ACEEE Summer Study provides a unique opportunity to influence the conference theme and topic areas,” said Liu. “I am looking forward to working with my co-chair and ACEEE staff to develop an excellent conference that will attract researchers who will share their bright ideas and actionable practices in advancing building and community energy efficiency.”

Liu leads PNNL’s Building Energy Regulatory Analysis group. She is also a program manager, directing PNNL work supporting the U.S. DOE’s Building Energy Codes Program.

Learn more about ACEEE’s Summer Study on their website.

PNNL Panelists and Posters: Joseph Petersen, Katherine Cort, Sarah Widder, Ebony Mayhorn, Srinivas Katipamula, George Hernandez, Supriya Goel, Nora Wang, Michael Rosenberg, Michael Baechler, Rosemarie Bartlett, Bing Liu, Mark Halverson, Michael Rosenberg, Rahul Athalye, Reid Hart, Jian Zhang, Meredydd Evans, Huong Nguyen, Ling Vu, Sha Yu, Todd Taylor, Vrushali Mendon, Alan Cooke, Atefe Makhmalbaf, Charles Corbin, Viraj Srivastava, Clifford Glantz, Michael Mylrea, Andrew Nicholls, Sriram Somasundaram, Ronald Underhill, and Robert Dahowski

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