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Tune-Ups: Servicing Buildings from the Roof, Down

Timeline highlights successful development of building Re-tuning™ methodology

February 2017

In 2018, one of America's most iconic and energy efficient cities will require that large commercial buildings receive periodic tune-ups. Seattle is currently partnering with DOE and PNNL to give building owners a head-start. How'd we get here? Our video timeline chronicles the events leading up to Seattle's decision to implement PNNL's building Re-tuning™ methodology.

Built to Code: Savings Imminent Post-Code Adoption and Implementation

New report analyzes impacts of model building energy code development and implementation, indicates reduced carbon dioxide emissions

October 2016

A new report issued by researchers at PNNL—and sponsored by DOE's Building Energy Codes Program—assesses the potential impact of building energy codes through 2040. The study shows that big savings in energy and offsets in carbon emissions can be achieved over the next 25 years if model codes are enacted as law.

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